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Airbus Corporate Jet
ACJ Experience

ACJ Experience

Serenity, freedom and harmony

The cloud concept

In a world where there are no borders, no barriers and no limits, the sky represents the ultimate freedom for ACJ customers. The sky cannot be bought, but it can be owned through Airbus corporate jets. ACJ has made the sky part of our customers’ life. Whether at ground level or at an altitude of 40,000 feet,–these jets are an extension of their lifestyle, conveyed through a series of luxurious settings. Clouds and the sky, may be a kind of dream; but for our customers, we’ve made that dream a reality.

ACJ has teamed up with internationally renowned artist Berndnaut Smilde and professional photographer RJ Muna to create the cloud artwork comprising three scenes: “Serenity”, “Freedom” and “Harmony”, which act as a visual metaphor for owning and travelling in an Airbus corporate jet.


The scenes echo the liberty of movement, relaxation and peacefulness that are the hallmark of travel in an Airbus corporate jet.


ACJ brand partners

Pagani: ACJ319neo Infinito



ACJ and the Italian hypercar Atelier Pagani Automobili have developed a new cabin design for the ACJ319neo, called Infinito. This unique cabin is bringing together the best of the supercar and business jet worlds.


Pagani’s design team created the initial Infinito design, including its look and feel, whilst ACJ designers contributed their experience in aircraft design and compatibility.


A key feature of the Infinito cabin is its sky ceiling, which can bring a live view of the sky above the aircraft into the cabin,or display other images. This creates even more of a feeling of airiness and space, truly living up to the name Infinito, which means infinity in Italian.


Curves inspired by nature form a pathway through the cabin, as well as featuring in the shell-shaped valances and walls between zones, including one between lounge and conference areas, which switches from opaque to transparent at the touch of a button.


Decor is reminiscent of that gracing Pagani hypercars, with natural soft-leather carpets and a wooden floor contrasting with man-made carbon fibre in furniture and wall-frames echoing the combination of art and science originally espoused by Leonardo da Vinci.


Sculpted metal features, mirroring those found in Pagani hypercars, feature  light-fittings and other details, whilst light-emitting diodes (LEDs) enable different mood-lighting ambiances.


Richard Mille: RM 50-02 Tourbillon Spilt Seconds Chronograph ACJ


The RM 50-02 Tourbillon Spilt Seconds Chronograph ACJ, created by ACJ and Richard Mille (RM), is an exceptional timepiece centred on a collective desire to create something truly unique, focused on high performance, precision and technology. It embodies the ACJ spirit of delivering the world’s most rewarding flying experiences, bringing expertise, pioneering technology, inspiring design and the highest standards of care to create this unique watch.


The limited edition is crafted from the most premium materials and can be relied upon for faultless precision, a beautiful aesthetic and luxurious comfort.


Sylvain Mariat, Head of ACJ's Creative Design Studio, drafted the designs for the RM 50-02 watch and has worked closely with Richard Mille to bring to life ACJ’s unique values and expertise. 


The design of the watch itself stays true to the technical but chic Richard Mille style and brings through many of ACJ’s most recognisable features. The shape and style of the face matches that of ACJ320 Family characteristic cabin windows, the dial mirrors many of the intricate details in an ACJ cockpit and the button on the side is styled to match structures used to attach the wing to the engine.


This watch encapsulates the pioneering, proven and industry-leading expertise from two companies known for delivering the highest standards and most exclusive customer experiences in their industries.

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