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The ACJ TwoTwenty is the first ACJ bizjet, offering ultimate comfort, without compromising range and economics where you can reimagine your place in the sky.

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Special cabin edition by Cyril Kongo

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The aircraft combines intercontinental range, unmatched personal space, and state of the art technology.

The clean sheet design uses advanced materials and fly-by-wire, offers outstanding connectivity, lower operating costs and unrivalled reliability.


ACJ TwoTwenty Master Bedroom

Ultimate comfort

We design our aircraft to bring your home and lifestyle with you wherever you fly, without any compromises. No place is comfier than your home and we have truly endorsed this and brought it to our products.

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We understand how important freedom and flexibility is for you. Which is why when you choose an Airbus corporate jet, you choose flying anywhere you desire non-stop, comfortably and surrounded by the features that complement everything you love to do.

ACJ TwoTwenty - Intercontinental freedom
Carbon fibre

Unbeatable economics

We have your best interest at heart. For us, choosing our jets must make sense for you. Our planes have been designed and built to provide you with the greatest value for money compared to any other bizjet and bizliner on the market.

ACJ TwoTwenty - Unbeatable economics
ACHJ220 Cockpit

Pioneering technology

Airbus spends 65 million on R&D per week to make its products at the forefront of innovation so you can experience state of the art flying that is tailored around your needs.

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Focus on Airbus A220 test pilot

Meet our test pilot

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What makes an ACJTwoTwenty piloting experience so special?

"ACJ is not just about the plane itself, but rather the wealth of opportunities and memories that come with it."

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Whether it is fine dining, pampering, movie night, working from the sky to make strategic business decisions or simply relaxing with your loved ones and cherished guests, we curate the space and technology to enable you to do so, uncompromisingly.

Our team is here to guide, inform and help you make an informed decision. We want to get those doubts out of the way so that you can focus on the experience of flying in one.

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ACJ TwoTwenty flexible cabin catalogue

Flexible cabin catalogue

ACJ TwoTwenty - Flexible cabin catalogue



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Comlux with its ACJ approved completion centre in Indianapolis has been selected as an exclusive outfitting partner. Comlux has long-term experience in business jet operations, and cabin outfitting and VIP interior upgrades. Their knowledgeable completion team - partnering with our Head of Creative Design, Sylvain Mariat - has created the most innovative and functional flying experience.

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Key figures

General specs 

  Metric Imperial
Wing span 35.1 m 115 ft 2 in
Aircraft length 35 m 114 ft 8 in
Height 11.5 m 37 ft 7 in 
Fuselage diameter 3.30 m 11 ft 5 in
Cabin length 23.8 m 78 ft 1 in
Cabin width 3.3 m 10 ft 8 in 
Cabin height 2.1 m 6 ft 6 in
Cabin floor area 73 m2 786 sq ft
Cabin volume 146 m3 5,120 cu ft


Aircraft data 

  Metric Imperial
MTOW Up to 63,049 kg Up to 140 500 lbs
MLW 51,030 kg 112,500 lb
MZFW 48,990 kg 108,000 lb
MFC 28,570 litres (up to 5 ACTs) 7,550 US gal (up to 5 ACTs)
Max range 10,465 km 5,650 nm
Max cruise altitude 12,500 m 41,000 ft
Engines PW1500G PW1500G


Airbus Corporate Helicopter landing on a yatch


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