Airbus Corporate Jet
The ACJ Advisory Board

The ACJ Advisory Board

Continuously improving together your flying experience


The ACJ Advisory Board represents the entire ACJ operators & owners community. The Board works hand in hand with the ACJ management team to continuously improve ACJ products and services.


The ACJ Advisory Board was created in 2012 with the objective to:

  • Better understand and answer operators and owners’ specific needs
  • Listen to the customers voice, as the first step of ACJ Customer Care
  • Consult and communicate with the entire ACJ community
  • Associate ACJ operators and owners with key decisions, developments and prioritizations
  • Deliver results for the entire ACJ community


Top Managers of organizations operating Airbus corporate jets compose the ACJ Advisory Board. They provide constructive and challenging feedback, advices and different perspectives to ACJ. By being associated with key actions and decisions, they have a direct positive impact on product and services.


Advisory Board Chairman

ESSLER Konstantin

Chief Operating Officer Mjet

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