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Cabin connectivity

Cabin connectivity

The revolution of cabin connectivity

Today’s satellite communications offer you higher aircraft connection speeds. Our solutions portfolio ranges from Swift broadband (SBB) to 2 Ku-band.


Performance Chart


Cabin Connectivity Performance Chart Copie

Revolution in connectivity

  • Satellite capacity
  • High performance
  • More e-services
  • Flexible data plans  




Internet like at Home

The broad bandwidth of new satellite networks offer you a wider range of services in flight.

A new world of on-board Internet services

  • Stay reachable on your own mobile
  • Send/receive large e-mails faster
  • Videoconference
  • Stream videos in high definition (HD) with internet-protocol TV (IPTV), Ka-band only

Satellite Coverage

Stay connected


including previously unscheduled flights



on usual specific routes    

Satellite Coverage

As per service provider information.

Airbus' solution

Our solutions provide:
  • Quality design & 24/7 support
  • Engineering, substantiation & certification expertise
  • No additional stop for maintenance (less cost, more availability)
  • Configuration management & documentation updates
  • Ka-band solutions compliant with ARINC 791 standards
  • Ability to use your Airbus Credit Memo*


* Conditions apply, please contact your Customer Support Director or email for further information

Our solutions

Airbus solutions provide cabin connectivity, adapted to:


  • Your routes for the best coverage
  • Your operations such as charter-flights
  • The needs of your passengers, such as video streaming, video conferencing, or even on-line gaming.
Passengers wish to stay connected, even on board the aircraft. According to a recent survey, 17% already change their flights for a better connectivity in the US.



2 Ku-band

2 Ku-band


Swift broadband (SBB)

Swift broadband (SBB)


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