Airbus Corporate Jet


Acquiring previously-owned Airbus corporate jets made easy

The Easystart initiative from  Airbus Corporate Jets (ACJ) offers tailored support to the buyers of ACJ’s that are already in service.


Easystart helps buyers to understand how an Airbus corporate jet can perform on their key missions, how it can be an attractively affordable upgrade and how services – such as training, support and upgrades – are available to ensure a smooth entry-into-service.

Un-matched expertise

Airbus aircraft are designed for 20 years or more in service, flying several thousand hours a year. They have potentially much longer lives than traditional commercial jets, as they typically only fly a few hundred hours a year.  That ensures an excellent residual value for the aircraft..


Pre-owned Airbus corporate jets thus have much to offer and as they are the most modern aircraft family in their class,longevity is “in their genes”. This brings significant potential for new operators.


With Easystart, ACJ offers unmatched advice, care and support beyond initial aircraft ownership.


ACJ EasyStart for Sellers

To enhance chances to sell your Airbus corporate jet, why not work together to:


  • Review your aircraft information
  • Examine its residual value
  • Identify potential upgrades which bring a plus
  • Make your Airbus corporate jet visible on our website
  • Broker experts in pre-owned ACJ transactions


Easystart compromises of an experienced dedicated ACJ trans-functional team supported by the ACJ Service Centre Network and approved outfitters.


ACJ EasyStart for Prospects

We use all our expertise to allow you to know perfectly all the potential of the second-hand ACJ that you want to buy.


We will be pleased to :

  • Introduce you to the ACJ world and products
  • Study customized mission performance feasibility of your future Airbus corporate jet
  • Give advice on registration, financing, operations


As a future buyer, you may probably see advantages in our complimentary à-la-carte services such as :

  • On-site inspections on general airframe, cabin and engine
  • Review of maintenance records and airworthiness status
  • EASA or FAA compliance checks
  • Bridging checks

ACJ EasyStart for Buyers

ACJ’s are one of the easiest jets to operate and maintain as the Airbus fleet is one of the largest and most reliable fleets in the world. Support, spares, maintenance centres, qualified pilots and crews : everything is widely available anytime, everywhere and always close to you.


To make your start even easier, our mission is to accompany your new operations, optimize your aircraft to your use and advise/train your team.


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