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FANS allows improved communication and surveillance capability with the aircraft, to avoid misunderstanding between ATC and the flight crew as well as improving information visibility.


FANS A+ Improves Data Link communication in Oceanic and Remote Airspace FANS B+ Improves Data Link communication primarily in High density airspace.


FANS A+ allows and improves:

  • Airspace capacity
  • Potential for DCL (Departure Clearance) capacity, Tailored arrivals, Dynamic Airborne Routes
  • Planning Procedures, 30/30nm separation en-route


FANS A+ meets the needs of existing operational requirements on NAT routes.


FANS B+ allows and improves:

  • Automated data-link communications
  • Safety
  • Optimised flight levels and tracks 


It meets the needs of the European Link 2000+ mandate in 2020.



  • Improve communication and surveillance capability in the aircraft
  • Avoid misunderstanding between ATC and the flight crew
  • Improve information visibility
  • Improve safety

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