Airbus Corporate Jet


Excellence in customer care

Expertise, dedication & innovation

We take care of your ACJ


Wherever you fly, Airbus is there to help with a wealth of expertise to ensure that you are fully satisfied.


Our experts understand the specific needs of corporate jet customers. Through its continuing culture of innovation, ACJ is always ready to provide tailored services; as well as dedicated Customer


Support Directors and an ACJ exclusive call centre: C4You.


Whatever you need, ACJ is there to support you.  

Readiness and anticipation

We anticipate to make everything optimal:

  • Entry into service preparation
  • Maintenance planning
  • Initial provisioning
  • Flight crew and maintenance staff training


Worldwide smooth operations

Our global presence and expertise is always close to you, supporting your aircraft operations:


Continuous innovation

Make your ACJ even better by implementing the latest technologies, or changing your flying style: 

  • Aircraft performance and avionics
  • Cabin refurbishment
  • Connectivity
  • Entertainment

A dedicated organization for a global support

Your exclusive and dedicated technical call centre


Taking care of you with a total dedication and minimizing aircraft downtime.


Our technical experts are always ready to support you worldwide, helping to safe and efficient ACJ operations.


The ACJ Customer Care Centre (C4You) provides a single point of contact for technical queries. With a deep understanding of ACJ concerns, our C4You provides:

  • Global technical support critical situations, by phone 24/7
  • Answers to routine queries by e-mail
Your Contact


Contact 24/7

Customer Support Director

Your personal Support Director


ACJ Customer Support Directors provide a dedicated point of contact, helping to keep things simple for you and providing peace of mind for your operations.

  • CSDs are your focal point for:
  • Contract administration
  • Safety coordination
  • Customer satisfaction
  • Commercial offers
  • Entry into service preparation
  • Warranty coordination
  • Supplier support management


Find your personal CSD on the following map:

Your Contact


Service Support Director for cabin


Customer Support Director for Europe


Customer Support Director for North America


Customer Support Director for Middle East

DENIS Sebastien

Customer Support Director for Middle East

GODFROY Sebastien

Customer Support Director for South East Asia, Africa, CIS, Austria and Ukraine

LI Xiaoshu (Alissa)

Customer Support Director for China, Hong Kong, Taïwan

SAGNIEZ Stephane

Customer Support Director for Europe, CIS and Slovakia


Customer Support Director for Europe and Canada

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