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Infographic A220 Intro

The ACJ TwoTwenty is the newcomer to the ACJ Family.  


The TwoTwenty creates a whole new market segment “The Xtra Large Bizjet” and offers customers more personal space and cabin volume for a whole new passenger experience.  

The signature flexible cabin catalogue means the ideal interior arrangements can be built in so passengers unwind, work, dine or energise in a cabin designed for their specific needs and taste. The ACJ TwoTwenty will provide a new value proposition to business aviation buyers. The aircraft combines intercontinental range, unmatched personal space, and state of the art technology. The clean sheet design uses advanced materials and fly-by-wire, offers outstanding connectivity, lower operating costs and unrivalled reliability.

Clean sheet design

Infographic A220 Clean Sheet Design

Intercontinental range

The ACJ TwoTwenty, will fly up to 18 passengers and up to 5,650 nm/10,460 km  (over 12 flight hours) and can directly connect city pairs like London to Los Angeles, Moscow to Jakarta, Tokyo to Dubai and Beijing to Melbourne.


While occupying the same parking space and being able to take off from the same airports as competing business jets, the ACJ TwoTwenty will offer three times more cabin space, while reducing the operating costs by a third and benefiting from the high performance record of the A220-100 platform.




Personal space leader

Infographic A220 Personal Space Leader
Unmatched personal space

Unmatched personal space

Featuring unmatched personal space with 73m2/785 ft2 of floorspace distributed over six wide VIP living areas, the ACJ TwoTwenty offers selected interior arrangements and handcrafted furnishing. The cabin’s versatility and choice of options will meet everyone’s needs and reflect their unique taste. The comfortable ACJ TwoTwenty offers the widest seats in the industry that are electronically controlled and equipped with USB sockets. Extra comfort is also ensured by its outsized meridienne that allows you to watch live TV in your preferred relaxed position.

Leading edge connectivity

Leading edge connectivity

Connecting people is Airbus’s raison d’être. The signature flexible cabin includes the latest connectivity capability. In fact, it is twice as fast as its competitors with a Wi-Fi system throughout the entire aircraft. Smart cabin control features, including electro-chomatic windows, are available from your mobile device.



The ACJ TwoTwenty offers a whole new passenger experience. The modern design includes LED lighting, advanced soundproofing materials and a temperature control system. Rest in full peace of mind thanks to cabin air refresh every 3 minutes with one way air flow.

Life in the air

Life in the air

The cabin will allow passengers to unwind, perform, share, invigorate, dine or energise at their discretion. Unique features to the ACJ TwoTwenty include a fully-equipped bar, eight-guest table for gourmet meals made in a five-star cuisine. Rest in a true US king size bed and refresh in a fully private bathroom that includes a rain shower. Stay fully connected with an office or home-like internet connection for online video conferencing or streaming services on screens throughout the cabin, including a 55”/4K large screen. Stay connected with USB sockets at each seat and credenzas and cabinets with inductive chargers.

Flexible cabin catalogue

Flexible Cabin Catalogue
Corporate Cabin Layout
ACJ TwoTwenty 21 April 2021

Corporate Cabin Layout

Corporate cabin layout

Exclusive Cabin Layout
ACJ TwoTwenty 21 April 2021

Exclusive Cabin Layout

Exclusive cabin layout

Unbeatable economics

Delivering a third less operating cost and two times better value retention versus competition,, the ACJ TwoTwenty is a clear leader in its category for economics, thanks to superior reliability, lower training and spares cost and absence of engine overhaul requirements.


In partnership with Comlux

Comlux with its ACJ approved completion centre in Indianapolis has been selected as an exclusive outfitting partner for the first 15 cabins. Comlux has long-term experience in business jet operations, and cabin outfitting and VIP interior upgrades. The knowledgeable Comlux completion team - partnering with our Head of Creative Design, Sylvain Mariat - has created the most innovative and functional flying experience.

Logo Comlux D

Key figures

General specs

Wing span 35.1 m
Aircraft length 35 m
Height 11.5 m
Fuselage diameter 3.30 m
Cabin length 23.8 m
Cabin width 3.3 m
Cabin height 2.0 m
Cabin floor area 73 m2
Cabin volume 143 m3

Aircraft data

MTOW Up to 63.1 tonnes
MLW 54.2 tonnes
MZFW 52.2 tonnes
MFC 28,570 litres
(up to 5 ACTs)
Max range 10.465 km
Max cruise altitude 12.500m
Engines PW1500G 

General specs

Wing span 115 ft 2 in
Aircraft length 114 ft 8 in
Height 37 ft 7 in
Fuselage diameter 11 ft 5 in
Cabin length 78 ft 1 in
Cabin width 10 ft 8 in
Cabin height 6 ft 6 in
Cabin floor area 786 ft2
Cabin volume 5050 ft3

Aircraft data

MTOW Up to 139,000 lb
MLW 119,500 lb 
MZFW 115,000 lb 
MFC 7,550 US gal
(up to 5 ACTs)
Max range 5,650 nm 
Max cruise altitude 41,000 ft 
Engines PW1500G



VP Commercial


Deputy Vice-President Commercial (Europe, CIS, The Americas)


ACJ Sales Director for Russia, CIS, Ukraine, Georgia


Head of Governmental Acquisitions & Sales Director for Turkey & Pacific

LI Fatin

ACJ Sales Director for China


ACJ Sales Director for Asia


ACJ Sales Director for Middle East

ROBERT Jean-Noel

HO Business Development /Sales Director Private Customers in Africa


ACJ Sales Director in North and South America

UEDA Shingo

ACJ Sales Director for Japan





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