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Airbus Corporate Jet
ACJ319 B-00777

ACJ319 B-00777

Eva Air

Eva Air

Aircraft data


 Registration B-00777
 Operator Eva Airways / EvaSkyJet Center
 YOM 2012
 Home Base Most of the time Hangzhou (but also Shanghai, Taipei)


 Seats 19
 Crew 5
 Baggage 3.6m3 / 27 bags (29’’ Samsonite ; 29’’ x 20’’ x 12’’)


Range 5210 nm
Long range speed 0.78 Mach / 447 kts

Cabin Dimensions

 Length 24,01 m / 78 ft 9 in
 Width 3,70 m / 12 ft 2 in 
 Height 2,25 m / 7 ft 5 in 

Inflight Entertainment System

Connectivity SRT2100 Satcom / Rockwell-Collins Aero H+ 

blu-ray playback and iPad/iPhone 

ACJ319 B00777 Eva Air
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