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ACJ Cockpit & Cabin connectivity

Your connection above the world

Connection speed requirements cockpit
& cabin Services

Airbus solutions provide the best combination of safety and cabin connectivity. New technologies enhance communication on-board, as well as your comfort.

Basic connectivity requirements allow you to be in line with safety services but, what about your passengers' experience?

Upgrading your connectivity will make you feel at home with high-speed services including web surfing, e-mailing, video and audio streaming, video conferencing and even Live TV (IP).
Start feeling connected, just like at home. 

Satellite constellations allowing connectivity onboard



ACJ connectivity solutions improving user experience


User Experience
Onboard connectivity


  • Quality OEM design & 24/7 support
  • Optimized lead time
  • Engineering substantiation & certification expertise
  • No additional stop for maintenance
  • Solutions compliant with ARINC strandards


Smart Lifi Monitor onboard

Entertainment - Smart Lifi Monitor

Get your smart TV onboard

ACJ319neo Hangar

Healthcare & Risk Management Solutions

Peace of mind at every stage of your journey