The A330neo, which combines new-generation engines, aerodynamic and other improvements to deliver even more comfort, efficiency and true nonstop to the world range. Designed for highly-demanding VIP and private markets, the aircraft delivers top-end luxury, comfort and range.

The A330 is the world’s most successful widebody airliner, having evolved through intelligent innovation into an even more capable aircraft - as well as having evolved into freighter, multi-role tanker transport and corporate jet roles.

ACJ330neo Harmony Business-lounge

Ultimate comfort

A place where you can experience space like no other jet, curated ambience and artisanal quality materials you can relate to. No place is comfier than your home and we have truly endorsed this and brought it to our products.

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ACJ330neo aerial view


We understand how important freedom and flexibility is for you. Which is why when you select an Airbus corporate jet, you choose flying anywhere you desire non-stop, comfortably and surrounded by the features that complement everything you love to do.

Pictos ACJ330neo Intercontinental range
ACJ330 engine close up

Unbeatable economics

We have your best interest at heart. For us, choosing our jets must make sense for you. Our planes have been designed and built to provide you with the greatest value for money compared to any other business jet.

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ACJ330 in flight

Pioneering technology

Since its first flight, the A330 has been an example of a highly-innovative aircraft that delivers superior quality and efficiency. With the arrival of the new engine option (NEO), the ACJ330 Family continues to go from strength-to-strength. Technological advances in modern engines and wing design further enhance the performance of this aircraft; delivering savings on fuel burn whilst simultaneously helping the environment.

ACJ330neo Pioneering technology - Pictos

"Our aim is always to adapt to what the customer wants."
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Whether it is fine dining, pampering, movie night, working from the sky to make strategic business decisions or simply relaxing with your loved ones and cherished guests, we curate the space and technology to enable you to do so, uncompromisingly.

Our team is here to guide, inform and help you make an informed decision. We want to get those doubts out of the way so that you can focus on the experience of flying in one.

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ACJ330neo Harmony concept layout



Key figures


General specs Metric Imperial
Wing span 35.8 m 210 ft
Aircraft length 33.84 m 193 ft
Height 11.76 m 57 ft 1 in 
Fuselage diameter 3.95 m 18 ft 6 in
Cabin length 24 m 147 ft 9 in
Cabin width 3.7 m 17 ft 3 in 
Cabin height 2.25 m 7 ft 11 in
Cabin floor area 83 m2 2,325 sq ft
Cabin volume 190 m3 21,577 cu ft



Aircraft data Metric Imperial
MTOW Up to 251 tonnes Up to 553,400 lb
MLW 186 tonnes 410,060 lb
MZFW 176 tonnes 388,014 lb
MFC 139,090 litres 36,750 US gal
Max range 19,260 km (25 pax) 10,400 nm (25 pax)
Max cruise altitude 12,500 m 41,000 ft
Engines Rolls Royce Trent 7000 Rolls Royce Trent 7000



General specs Metric Imperial
Wing span 64 m 210 ft
Aircraft 63.66 m 208 ft 10 in
Height 16.79 m 55 ft 1 in
Fuselage diameter 5.64 m 18 ft 6 in
Cabin length 50.35 m 165 ft 2 in
Cabin width 5.26 m 17 ft 3 in
Cabin height 2.41 m 7 ft 11 in
Cabin floor area 243 m2 2,616 sq ft
Cabin volume 687 m3 24,261 cu ft



Aircraft data Metric Imperial
MTOW Up to 251 tonnes Up to 553,400 lb
MLW 191 tonnes 421,083 lb
MZFW 181 tonnes 399,037 lb
MFC 139,090 litres 36,750 US gal
Max range 18,334 km (25 pax) 9,900 nm (25 px)
Max cruise altitude 12,500 m 41,000 ft
Engines Rolls-Royce Trent 7000 Rolls-Royce Trent 7000


ACH interior


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