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Enhanced Humidification System

An enhanced cabin humidification system was developed for Airbus Single Aisle family in order to increase cabin humidity up to 20%. Increasing cabin humidity will significantly increase cabin comfort since it avoids dry nose and eyes in particular during long haul flights. 


  • Up to 20% relative humidity for optimum passenger comfort
  • Homogeneous cabin humidity
  • Optimize water consumption

Advanced cabin air recirculation filters

Clean air

On top of the standard HEPA (High Efficiency Particulate Air) air recirculation filter that provides a hospital grade filtration system  - providing an efficiency of better than 99,9% and that includes viruses and bacteria -  you can remove the cabin smell from your cabin. To reach that odor removal capacity we have added to the HEPA filters an adsorbent layer of carbon matrix


  • Filter cartridges for your cabin recirculation system combining HEPA filter and  carbon odor absorbent layer removing cooking smell, fuel vapors…
  • The enhanced cabin air recirculation filters are fully interchangeable with standard HEPA filters
  • No change on the aircraft needed
  • This is really a quick, simple and cost effective way to significantly enhance cabin air quality.

Applicable to all Airbus corporate jets.


Enhanced ozone converter

The ozone concentration at flight altitude is much higher than on ground. On top of the standard ozone converter, which change ozone into pur oxygen to improve comfort onboard, Airbus provide an enhanced solution to also remove odours. Thus, two solutions are available : 

  • Standard ozone converter
    • Benefit : Efficient ozone conversion process: 98% efficiency 
    • Easy to install
    • Easy to upgrade
  • Enhanced ozone converter with additional odour removal from outside “Dual VOC (Volatile Organic Compound) convertor”
    • Additional benefit : removes ozone and converts outside smell before entering the cabin (jet-fuel, exhaust cases, anti-icing fluids)

Applicable for all ACJ family