A350 Close-up Cockpit by night

Navblue for ACJ

Tailored Flight Operations’ solutions for ACJ

NAVBLUE is an AIRBUS fully-owned company, worldwide-based, offering a comprehensive suite of products and services dedicated to Flight Operations & Air Traffic Management domains.

To best support the Flight Operations needs of the Airbus Corporate Jets operators, we have defined a tailored selection of products and services.

Navblue for ACJ Infographic


Two tailored packages of flight operations solutions

Package 1

Fly with essentials

• EFB: Flysmart+
• Navigation Database: Navigation+
• Airport Obstacle Database: N-AODB
• Hosted gateway (via AWS)

Package 2

Fly, we take care of the rest

• EFB: Flysmart+
• Navigation Database: Navigation+
• Airport Obstacle Database: N-AODB
• Hosted gateway (via AWS)
• EFB (Flysmart+) Administration
• Flight Operations Manuals Management

Pilot in the cockpit using flysmart app on tablet


  • Tailored packages for ACJ operators
  • From ‘easy to use’ to ‘turnkey’ solutions
  • Business value
  • Single supplier & support interface
  • Flight Ops OEM expertise
  • Mixed fleet capabilities


Mission +

System upgrades

The latest safety requirements

Instructor training


Tailored flight training for ACJ pilots