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System upgrades

The latest safety requirements

Air traffic demand increases over the coming years

The aviation sector must cater for the new systems requirements to support the growth. We are able to offer the latest technology standards in terms of avionics capability and performance.

The drivers for such enhancements may be safety, or simply the need for more efficient flight trajectories. Upgrades can reduce fuel burn and emissions, whilst maintaining the highest air safety standards.


Air  Ground communication


Future Air Navigation System

FANS allows improved communication and surveillance capability with the aircraft, to avoid misunderstanding between ATC and the flight crew as well as improving information visibility.

FANS A+ Improves Data Link communication in Oceanic and Remote Airspace FANS B+ Improves Data Link communication primarily in High density airspace

HUD - Head Up Display


Head Up Display

HUD is a transparent display with symbology focused to infinity. It superimposes aircraft information on the external world.

ADSB Out and Surveillance

ADS-B Out DO260B

Automatic Dependent Surveillance Broadcast

The Automatic Dependent Surveillance Broadcast (ADSB OUT) is the capability of the equipment to automatically transmit, via data link, some onboard parameters such as flight Id., velocity, position... to the Air Traffic Control.
ADS-B OUT DO260B meets worldwide regional mandates



Fuel Tank Inerting System

The FAA were the first authority to propose a mandate for In-Service aircraft and this was subsequently followed by other local authorities. The Chinese authorities also now require full fleet compliance by 2024.

The system is fitted as standard on line-fit aircraft today.

The system conditions air from the engine bleed prior to passing it through an Inert Gas Generating System, before entry into the aircraft centre fuel tank.



Halon Free Extinguishers

Halon used as an extinguishing agent is forbidden as per: Montreal and Kyoto protocol and ICAO statement.
From 2025, all portable fire extinguishers on in-service aircraft must be replaced by halon-free equipment.
You can replace all cockpit and cabin portable fire extinguishers by HAFEX bottles. HAFEX is the lightest alternative to existing halon extinguishers and weighs only 2.4kg per bottle (including 1.6kg of 2BTP agent and a bracket).

Formation flight

TCAS 7.1

Traffic Collision Avoidance System

TCAS 7.1 improves reversal logic in case of RA (Resolution Advisory) displaying a new “Level Off” aural message instead of “Adjust Vertical speed”



Low Frequency Underwater Location Beacon

An Underwater Low Frequency Location Beacon transmitting on a frequency of 8.8 kHz instead of 37,5 kHz multiply by 4 the transmission range. (5 km for a conventional ULB, 22 km for a low frequencies)

Flight ops

Flight ops

Navblue for ACJ

Instructor training


Tailored flight training for ACJ pilots