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ACJ Service Centre Network

The right expertise at the right place

Aircraft maintenance

ACJ Service Centre Network purpose

The goal of the ACJ SCN is to support ACJ customers around the world by offering them:

  • Aircraft line, light and heavy maintenance activities
  • Cabin refurbishment & system upgrades activities
  • Aircraft transfer activities

Through a high-quality network of experienced MROs.

The SCN added value for the ACJ customers

Exclusive benefits

Exclusive benefits

  • Upgrade purchase from ACJ + Embodiment from a SCN member, ACJ will apply a credit memo of 5% for Goods & Services*.
  • ACJ Support team member on-site visit during the aircraft maintenance.



Expertise & Quality

  • ACJ approved MROs & stringent approval criteria
  • Strong VIP experience
  • Approved for warranty items
  • Capability to provide turnkey projects


Availability & footprint

  • Slots availability all around the world
  • 5 MROs covering a worldwide footprint
Service Centre Network around the world

ACJ SCN members


The ACJ Service Centre Network comprises of Comlux Completion in Indianapolis, Jet Aviation in Basel and Dubai, Sabena technics in Bordeaux and Citadel Completions in Lake Charles.

Its capabilities include all maintenance related activities, cabin-refurbishing and cabin/system upgrades, giving ACJ customers/operators an approved selection of facilities around the world on which they can rely.

ACJ Contact


ACJ Services Business Development Director



Citadel Completions

Lake Charles

Comlux Completion


Jet Aviation


Jet Aviation


Sabena Technics


* Applied on Airbus upgrade solution price / For non-exclusive Airbus product.