18 November 2019 TCS World Travel of Seattle, Washington, is to introduce a new-build A321LR, setting new standards in the luxury air-travel market, which includes jet expeditions.

The aircraft will seat 52 passengers in seats that convert to fully flat beds, and is due to enter service in 2021.

“The A321LR will deliver new standards in the comfort and convenience that our passengers expect, save time by linking distant destinations nonstop, and be nimble enough to fly in and out of airports close to World Heritage sites. It will also decrease our future carbon footprint by burning 20% less fuel than our current jet, a very important feature for both our company and our guests.” said TCS President Shelley Cline.

“The cabin of TCS World Travel’s A321LR has been designed as a ‘home away from home’, with comfort and relaxation in mind,” said ACJ Head of Creative Design Sylvain Mariat.

“The A321LR introduces a new solution to private premium-flights through the greater comfort that it brings, while its modern design delivers both efficiency and reliability,” said ACJ President Benoit Defforge.

The A321LR is part of Airbus’ NEO[1] family and features new generation engines and Sharklets.

The A320 Family has the widest and tallest cabin of any aircraft in its class, enabling wider seats and aisles for more enjoyable flights, plus the benefits of contemporary design - such as being easier to look after and more efficient to fly.

Around 200 Airbus corporate jets are in service with companies, billionaires and governments, flying around the world on every continent, including Antarctica.


[1] New engine option

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