Acropolis Aviation

Acropolis Aviation established in 2009 is a leading luxury charter operator based at  Farnborough Airport, with a complementary sales office in Fort Lauderdale, USA. Headed by CEO Jonathan Bousfield, the company employs 28 personnel. Its flagship Airbus ACJ320neo entered service in February 2020 and the company has gained a reputation for excellent service in the high-end charter market.  Acropolis holds Wyvern Wingman safety accreditation.


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Comlux Aviation provides exclusive aircraft operations and management services to VIP customers who wish to have their own aircraft managed personally and professionally with the highest standards of safety and quality. Besides VIP aircraft management services, OneAbove by comlux, the dedicated flight service company of Comlux Aviation, provides highly personalised and cost effective VIP charter solutions with the Comlux fleet and its exclusive network of accredited worldwide operators.


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Whether you're travelling with colleagues or with family, we take our exceptional service to the highest level to fly you personally around the world. Fly up to 19 guests in the utmost comfort of our customised A319 aircraft with the flexibility of private jet travel. Reach destinations within an eight-hour non-stop flight from your chosen departure airport. A luxury interior and a service tailored to you will make your flights the ultimate in exclusive travel.


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Global Jet

Global Jet is one of the leaders in business aviation in Europe. With a very diversified portfolio, Global Jet manages over 75 business jets internationally, owned by high-net-worth individuals and corporations. They are specialized in wide-body and long-range operations, with the highest level of safety and comfort in the industry. Global Jet is the largest operator of privately owned Airbus Corporate Jets, with a global fleet ranging from the prestigious VVIP Airbus ACJ340-300ER to the ACJ319; leading them to a total of 8 in their global fleet.



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K5 Aviation GmbH

Alongside individually customized support and highly professional operations, accurate and cost-efficient planning of maintenance and on-board safety are always our highest priorities. The foundation of this is K5-Aviation’s decision to limit its fleet to a small number of aircraft types. K5’s independence enables it to make that kind of decision, and that is part of what makes us unique.

The K5-Aviation range of services encompasses:

  • Aircraft management for aircraft that are only used by their owners,
  • Aircraft chartering for aircraft to be offered for profit to the market and
  • Mixtures of these two variations tailored to each customer’s needs.



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Nomad Aviation

What makes Nomad Aviation unique? Individualization – not standardization.

The Nomad concept of elite executive aviation was introduced in 2008. Today Nomad remains the only aviation firm designed to exclusively focus on a select clientele. Client loyalty is the goal – Nomad's excellent team makes it "fly".

Entrust Nomad Aviation with your private and business aviation needs to reap all the benefits with none of the effort. You own the decisions and retain full control. Experience nothing less than precision engineered Swiss quality – and peace of mind.


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