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Smart Lifi Monitor onboard

ACJ Smart LiFi Monitor

The ACJ Smart LiFi Monitor is a smart monitor co-developed with Latécoère aiming to bring the on-ground experience into your cabin.This all in one display integrates all the main features you have in current state of the art IFE systems but with lighter and thinner design.

It is an easy plug & play installation for immediate use and it is ready for all the new future cabin generations.

  • ‘All in One’ with integrated functionalities
  • Smart with unequalled processing and storage capabilities
  • Ready for future evolution
  • State-of-the-art 4K UHD
Screen size Smart Lifi Monitor


  • Connected monitor (WiFi / LiFi / Bluetooth)
  • Moving maps, Audio Video On Demand, Weather, Web browsing
  • 1080p Camera & videoconferencing
  • Cast & Mirroring, remote control
  • “Easy Plug and Play” fully compatible with legacy IFE ecosystem
  • 4 sizes: 55’’, 43’’, 32’’, 21’’


‘All in One’ 4K UHD monitor
Unequalled processing and storage capabilities
Multiple integrated functionalities
Future ready

Cost effective
Obsolescence management
Potential for reduced number of systems

Easy Plug & Play installation
Wifi, Bluetooth & LiFi connection
4 monitor sizes


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